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Hello and welcome back everyone!

This semester has been jam-packed with new experiences, and as time progresses, I begin to find out more and more about myself and how I would like to own my education.

My classes have been waaaay different from what I experienced last semester. I now have more free time, and the ability to de-stress and not worry about how many papers I have to write or how many books I need to read within the course of one week. But then again, Its much more difficult as well because it is not what I’m used to. In fact, it has made me realize that I somewhat miss the craziness of writing papers and reading in bulk. In this way, trying out different courses has helped me realize what I might or might not major in.

For example, Accounting: Its a very interesting and new concept to me but I’m still not sure if its something I would be good at or pursue. Chinese, on the other hand, I have been really enjoying and I feel like I really might minor in Chinese or Asian Studies. As for my 3D fundamentals art class, I have also really been enjoying as well. It is a type of art that I have not yet experienced, which leans me towards the possible Architectural studies major.

Montserrat has also been a success. I’ve been able to experience many intriguing conversations from different viewpoints. The most new experience for me in Montserrat though was my participation in my very fist ever debate, ever. When my professor mentioned the word debate, I was scared. It was something new, and unknown to me and I really didn’t know how to prepare or participate. But with the help of classmates and a practice debate, I tried to put my best towards our team and we ended up winning! Im glad to have experienced this, as I am being exposed more to new academic activities.


3D Fundmamentals

3D Fundmamentals

A "red envelope" my Chinese teacher gave me!

A “red envelope” my Chinese teacher gave me!

Our Montserrat debate team

Our Montserrat debate team

Debate Night

Debate Night

Our team after the win!

Our team after the win!


I can’t wait to see what’s in store the rest of this semester! Let the new experiences come!


Hello everyone! I am excited to say that semester one of my years here at Holy Cross is over! This is just another step forward towards continuing my education. After a whole 5 weeks being at home, let me say it was weird coming back here again. I had already gotten so used to being at home again, but at the same time I felt as there was something missing. I didn’t do much during break but see my friends and stay cool. But also, I was urging to do something, and that is to return back to the Hill and start a set of new exciting classes in which i was interested with!

Here is the class lineup for this semester:

  1. Chinese 102
  2. 3D Fundamentals (Studio Art)
  3. Montserrat
  4. Financial Accounting

Compared to my classes last semester which were much more heavy on writing papers and reading a lot of material, these new classes are much more diverse. I am still “testing the waters” for a possible major, but I think these classes are a good choice to me. I could eventually find an interest in Architectural studies, Accounting, or maybe even a Chinese minor.

It has only been a week here since we’ve came back, but I now feel more comfortable in taking on classes and adjusting to the routine again compared to last semester.

I will keep you all updated on how the classes are going!



Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, but man has this semester flown by!

Its crazy, it feels like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm and meeting everyone for the first time! I’ve developed many great friendships, improved my writing skills and grown as a student as well. I remember the first paper I had ever written in college; I got a C. Now, i’m constantly getting A’s and B’s. I’ve improved so much! But it doesn’t stop there, i’m always trying to improve myself to become  a better student. It’s a learning process.

So what has happened in all this time?

I’ll sum it up briefly in a list:

  1. I hosted a perspectives student:  I hope I gave her a good vision of Holy Cross! She applied Early Decision.
  2. House council has hosted many successful events:we did a late night pancake night, which attracted MANY residents of Mulledy. We also succeed in winning the Inter House Council Hall Video Awards! Every year the halls compete to make a video representing why it is the best hall. We got 1st place! I was able to edit the video. We did a LipDub of the famous “Hey Now” from the Lizzie Mcguire Movie.
  3. Enrollment for next semester: Finally I have survived the first enrollment battle of my HC journey. Luckily, I had bought an ethernet cord to beat everyone who was using the Wi-fi. I was able to successfully enroll in all 4 of my top choices: Accounting 1, 3D Fundamentals Art class, Montserrat(of course), and Chinese 102.
  4. More work: As always, theres alot of work to be done 🙂 But don’t worry, I take numerous dance breaks with my neighbor, Amanda, and trips on the weekends.

Beauty of HC




Sushi at Kenichi 🙂


Asia Vietnamese Wedding


Me & the Roomie Kara at Boston Harbor


Fanueil Hall Tree



This week is luckily an easy week for me. Next week is Finals and then we’ll all be back home for a month. I can’t wait to finish strong!

See you soon,


Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks since my first blog post, and let me tell you in such a short amount of time I have done so much all at once. So heres an update on what’s been happening on the hill!

1. Field Hockey – We had a game against University of Vermont and sadly lost 0-6. It began snowing mid-game so it felt as though our arms and legs were frozen! They were a really good team but we played hard until the end. So far our record is 1-1 and we have another game this Sunday against Emmanuel College. Hopefully we get the W!

2. House Council – We’ve had a successful semester so far! We’ve planned and executed 3 events including a grilled cheese night, family weekend brunch, and a Fall-Halloween festival! It was awesome, and currently we are working on our next project, a Mulledy Hall music video!


House council decorating for the Halloween Fest!

House council decorating for the Halloween Fest!

3. Classes and Homework – WOW! what a stressful two weeks it has been since fall break! I’ve had countless papers and assignments due consecutively each day. I’ve had Chinese tests every week, and also a midterm for my Perspectives on Asia class which was intense! I’m just glad it cooled down a bit but there is always work to do here. It is fun to be learning but also stressful as well. Finishing all of the rigorous work makes me feel accomplished at the end of the week. No worries, everyone else is going through the same thing! I like to tell myself so that I don’t feel alone.

Overall, It has been a crazy, jam-packed, overwhelming but fun few weeks.

I know it’ll get even crazier in the future.

It is all worth it though, I am having a great time learning new things, and meeting new people as well. I am slowly developing into the person I want to be.

Here’s a visual guide to show you what’s been going on:

Amanda and the beautiful view at HC!

Amanda and the beautiful view at HC!


One of the Icons from the Museum of Russian Icons

One of the Icons from the Museum of Russian Icons

Even more friends!

Even more friends!

The annual Healy Haunted House!

The annual Healy Haunted House!

Working hard, as always

Working hard, as always

IMG_1796 IMG_1798

Hibachi Dinner at Feng Asian Bistro with my Odyssey Orientation Group!

I was a Deer for Halloween!! Makeup Done by Me

I was a Deer for Halloween!! Makeup Done by Me

It’s almost time to choose classes for next semester….. Yikes!!!

I’ll check in with you all soon! Wish me luck!

– Emily

Hello everyone! This is Emily Castillo reporting to you live here as a first-year student at the College of the Holy Cross. I am so pumped for what this new chapter in my life has to offer. I’m ready to take on new challenging courses, new friends, new activities, a new setting, but most of all I’m ready to take on the numerous set of stairs I have to trudge in order to get around campus.

I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous (as was everyone else) before coming to Holy Cross. I knew that this was the perfect fit for me, but I also knew that there would be a few struggles I would have to overcome before I truly felt at home.

So a little bit about me! I am from Lawrence, Massachusetts which is about an hour from campus. My family comes from the Dominican Republic, and I was born here. I love writing, and I hope to pursue this as a career in the future. But also, I am extremely fascinated with the world of languages- mostly anything Asian. I am currently taking Chinese 101, Perspectives on Asia 2 (history class), my Montserrat: Fantastic Voyages, and also Writing Women in the 20th Century. So far, my classes are going great. It’s exciting to finally be able to take classes in topics that I am interested in unlike the mandatory classes in high school. The adjustment was really hard at first. The classroom setting in college is way different from high school. I also find that, I am almost always studying now, and there is always something to do. It is very challenging, but in a way that is enjoyable as I’m learning about all the subjects I have never touched upon and long wanted to. After a month, however I feel more comfortable in the classroom and taking on the rigorous workload.

Besides  academics, I am also enjoying myself by getting involved on campus! I have gladly been elected as part of the Executive board of Mulledy Hall House Council (Environmental Liaison) which means I will be taking care of anything about sustainability on campus and Mulledy, and anything that helps us become “more green” as well! Here’s an E-Board selfie!

Mulledy E-Board, Missing our Secretary, Jerome!

Also, I’m part of the Club Field Hockey team! Which we recently won our first game against Umass Lowell! Surprisingly, I ended up scoring a goal! I obviously joined the A.S.I.A (Advocating Student Interest in Asia) club as well since I love all aspects of Asian culture!

Making spring rolls in A.S.I.A's first meeting!

Making spring rolls in A.S.I.A’s first meeting!

I’ve met a lot of new friends joining clubs, in my dorm, in my classes, at Odyssey orientation, and became great friends with my roommate Kara.




IMG_1491 IMG_1137

It was not easy to adapt to this new environment, and sometimes I get homesick but I’ve easily fallen in love with Holy Cross. Here’s to a great year full of new connections, experiences, and wisdom. This is the next best thing in my life.



There’s more to come! I’ll keep you all updated.



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